Photo Competition Winners

We are excited to reveal the photo contest creations from the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB 2014 invited photographers, Stef Candé (FRA)Markus Greber (GER), Daniel Rönnbäck (SWE) and  Christoph Laue (GER).  Each artist worked together with a team and submitted two images per category from the event week to be judged by their peers at the Gala Night.  This year’s categories were “Best Action”, “Best Freeride”,  “Best Illumination”, “Best Lifestyle” and “Best Group”. A big thanks for coming along and sharing your creative brilliance!  Without further ado….here are the winner photos….(drumroll…)

Important: These photos are ONLY allowed to be published on and are NOT to be posted anywhere else. Please respect the photo rights!


Winner “Best Action” – Christoph Laue (rider: Geoff Gulevich)


Winner “Best Lifestyle” – Markus Greber (Andi Wittmann & Geoff Gulevich)


Winner “Best Group” – Daniel Rönnbäck (Team Sweden)


Winner “Best Freeride” – Stef Candé (rider: Pierre Eduard Ferry)


Winner “Best Illumination” Christoph Laue (rider: Geoff Gulevich)


———————————————————————————————————– ALL SUBMISSIONS – Markus Greber (GER)

Action by Markus Greber _01P8319-mix _01P3075 Freeride by Markus Greber _01P9823 DSC02327-weniger_drama Illumination by Markus Greber_01P2893 DSC05845-normal-kontr Lifestyle by Markus Greber_01P0420-mix-eff _01P1827-fenster_v2 Group by Markus Greber_01P1130-mix _01P9520-mix

———————————————————————————————————– ALL SUBMISSIONS – Christoph Laue (GER)

Action by Christoph Laue Christoph_Laue_Action Christoph_Laue_Group (1) Freeride by Christoph Laue Christoph_Laue_Freeride (1) Christoph_Laue_Freeride Illumination by Christoph Laue Christoph_Laue_Illumination (1) Christoph_Laue_Illumination Christoph_Laue_Lifestyle Christoph_Laue_Lifestyle2 Group by Christoph Laue Christoph_Laue_Group (1) Christoph_Laue_Group

———————————————————————————————————– ALL SUBMISSIONS – Stef Candé (FRA)

Action by Stef Candé CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_0570-Modifier-2 CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_0879-Modifier Freeride by Stef Candé CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_1826-Modifier CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_3904 Illumination by Stef Candé CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_0853-Modifier-2 CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_2608 Lifestyle by Stef Candé CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_3766-Modifier CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_4607-Modifier-2 Group by Stef Candé CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_3330-Modifier-2CANDE_9KNIGHTS014_1317-Modifier

———————————————————————————————————– ALL SUBMISSIONS – Daniel Rönnbäck (SWE)

Action by Daniel Rönnbäck DCIM100GOPRO 02_NineKnights_BESTACTION_DanielRonnback_02 Freeride by Daniel Rönnbäck 03_NineKnights_BESTTRAIL_DanielRonnback_01 04_NineKnights_BESTTRAIL_DanielRonnback_02 Illumination by Daniel Rönnbäck 05_NineKnights_BESTLUMI_DanielRonnback_01 06_NineKnights_BESTLUMI_DanielRonnback_02 Lifestyle by Daniel Rönnbäck 07_NineKnights_BESTLIFESTYLE_DanielRonnback_01 08_NineKnights_BESTLIFESTYLE_DanielRonnback_02 Group  by Daniel Rönnbäck 09_NineKnights_BESTCREW_DanielRonnback_01 10_NineKnights_BESTCREW_DanielRonnback_02