GoPro Moment with Martin Söderström

Making the most out of windy conditions on Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno, Italy, the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB riders were sessioning the multitude of fun obstacles on the course.

Martin Söderström, renown for his tailwhips, was captured in this GoPro Moment working his double tailwhip in the quarter, the Swede stomps it with impeccable precision, making it look easy.

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Ready for Contest Day!

A cloudy day with high winds saw the riders focus their attention on the freeride section of the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB course. Canadian Geoff  Gulevich aka Gully was motivated despite the lack of sun and was boosting high out of the last hip, as well as, giving the Smith v-wallride a run for its money testing out its sides. “It looks a lot more scary than it actually is. It is one of those things were you just have to trust yourself!” he laughs.

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100% GoPro Moment with Peter Henke

Get a taste of the speed, air time and the world turning from this POV edit of Peter Henke (GER) hitting the massive hip at the bottom of the freeride section.  Sticking his first ever hip flip with his Big Bike Henke is gunning for progression and is one to watch out for at the Contest Day, coming up on Saturday 21st of June. This spine-tingling video was filmed at Mottolino Fun Mountain, Livigno, using 100% GoPro.

Join us tonight Thursday 19th of June for a Sunset Session!

Suzuki Nine Knights MTB 2014 – Day 2 Hip Session

Day 3: Exploring the Livigno/Mottolino Park and Trails

The morning of  day three saw our eager Suzuki Nine Knights teams headed out at the crack of dawn to sample the long trails and superb bike park of the infamous Mottolino/Livigno mountain bike mecca. The riders quickly dispersed on the 12 trails and dirt jump lines with the filmers and photographers hot on their heals. Returning to “Il Castello” with big grins on their faces, we are sure to see some epic footage of this morning, though the sun stubbornly remained hidden, the freeride paradise of Livigno did not leave anyone cold.

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Heli Shoot Day

With a filmer peering out of the Flying Bulls helicopter the buzz over the Suzuki Nine Knights castle was contagious as two heli-shoots were on the agenda. The riders where going for it,  though it was their second day of riding the gigantic feature. All three kickers saw action and some golden footage was captured as Szymon Godziek landed a lofty backflip on the left kicker and Tobi Wrobel styled it out with a sweet superman on the right one.  The second session later on in the day was held on the huge Suzuki hip at the end of the freeride section and though the weather conditions were not quite as good as during the day fellow riders witness a massive cork flip from Peter Henke. The image speaks for itself!

(pic: Peter Henke)

NineKnights MTB 2014 - DAY 2- peter henke- - David Malacrida -  LR

(pic: Martin Söderström)
Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 18.37.55


Tomorrow will see another day of top notch mountain biking at the Suzuki Nine Knights at the bike mecca of Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno, Italy! Stay tuned for more images and news on and come watch the action live on Thursday 19th for a sunset shoot and Saturday 21st for the Contest Day showdown.